AMERICAN CARNAGE-NATION UNDER SIEGE… ANARCHY NEXT?                            During Trump Campaign and since Trump took office there have been 255 mass Shooting.

On Inauguration day-January 20-2017 Donald Trump portrayed a bleak image of a “Nation Under Siege”, promising to end “American Carnage”. However, and since well before his Inauguration, high profile Violent Incidents have increased “Tenfold” due to Trump directly inciting such at his rallies and well after he took office.

5 Mass Shooting Incidents have occurred since the start of the year in 2018 alone (Washington Post), including the recent Parkland Florida-Douglas High, that took the lives of 15 students and 2 Staff Members.

Incidents of Racism and White Nationalism and Hatred have shoot up through the roof with the perpetrators increasingly becoming more brazen, embolden with their actions fueled by Trumps Words or “Lack thereof”, or little to no, or, proper response to acts of blatant violence, display of hurtful disrespect and bigotry on an already fractured Nation. With common sense Leadership which would of had been expected of any sitting President going MIA (Missing in Action).

A report by The New York City Anti-Violence Project’s Annual Crisis of Hate (on a HUFFPOST piece) shows:

An alarming upsurge of hate-based killings of LGBTQ people                                                      2017 was the deadliest year yet for the LGBTQ community.                                                        With an 86% increase in Hate Violence Homicides in the U.S. But there’s more; Since trump took office “vigilante” fliers calling for torture of “university leaders spouting off all this diversity garbage” were posted in bathrooms across Texas State University, as well as many other incidents of racism across the Nation. According to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archives (GVA) there have been:

255 Mass Shooting Incidents since president Donald Trump took office on January 20, 2017 (some not highly publicized and which you probably did not hear about unless you lived in those areas).

If there ever was “American Carnage” or a “Nation Under Siege” Trump has brought it upon us, Look no further than Trump, as the Inciter in Chief, Anarchy Next? Share, Comment, Blog below!

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