NB-13 Conniving


Conniving, Hypocrites’, Gerrymanders, Liars, Cajolers, Coaxers, Deceitful, Alternate-Stretching, and always Hiding the Truth, Manipulators, Underhandedly and Shamelessly Changing the Rules when they do Not Like the Results, unfortunately not to improve but to destroy your life while enriching the Rich even more: Trump and his Minions Republicans.

So Here is Your Handy guide (post it on your wall, to Remind you) come the 2018 Elections and beyond of why your Vote Matters and Counts and must Vote the Bum Republicans Out of Office, that is, if they do not Gerrymander you. By then, we all will be feeling the pain of Trumps and his Republicans Minions Misguided Legislative Actions, if you think you’ll be immune because you voted for Trump, Think Again, read on, you’ll feel the Pinch one way or another some, worse than others, Donald Trump and his Minions, MANY LIES and DECEITS, what you should know.

NO TIME TO READ. The GOP has long accused Democrats of ramming through the Affordable Care Act, never mind that it insured Million more Americans than previous efforts yet, House Republicans passed legislation to repeal it without waiting for a final CBO report on the bill’s consequences, they held no hearings, no committee markups, and didn’t even circulate a final text of the bill before the vote, didn’t even bother to read the Bill, something they insisted Democrats do prior to ACA (Obamacare) becoming law,

As a consequence, this bill passed, so if you are poor, working-class, or have a pre-existing condition Not only are there going to be 23 Millions Un-insured (including many insured through their employers), making insurance un-affordable, Thousands will Die, with Thousand More Catapulted into Bankruptcy as a result. Will you and your family be affected, the odds are, that you will. All of this after Trump and the Republicans Promised affordable Insurance and that no one would lose coverage. Do Not forget to Vote!

TAX REFORM. The Trump administration was triumphant and made changes to the tax code, we never got to see what tax code provisions the president himself has been and is taking advantage of and how much tax he has paid in the past few years. We ended up with a raw deal where the rest of us pay even more taxes while Trump, business partners and political allies and Cronies, pay less. More of a Reason why it is important that Trump releases his Taxes, why he hasn’t? You have to ask yourself what is he hiding that might hurt you and benefit him and his Political and Business Cronies? Don’t Forget to Vote.

EXECUTIVES ORDERS. Trump; We have a President that can’t lead so he sits down and he Signs an Executive Order (Audio-August 1-2016). Signing Executive Orders is Not the Way Our Country was supposed to be run (September 3-2015).

Despite Republicans Controlling Both Chambers of Congress, Trump didn’t Sign Any Major Legislation in his First 100 days; he Chastised Obamma use of executive action but has Signed 28 by the end of his First 100 Days. So what’s wrong with Executive Orders? Nothing – Everything…, if you care about Pollution, your Environment, your drinking water, the air that you breathe and the Food that you eat being Free of Contaminants and Harmful Additives as Trump Set Back Decades of Protection for you, your Lifestyle and your Environment with the stroke of a pen signing, rescinding, significant protections away.

ETHICS WAIVERS DISCLOSURES. Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s demanded from the Office of Government Ethics in June 2009 information on ethics waivers from some of President Barack Obama’s most controversial appointees or ex-lobbyists. Lawmakers agreed on Policy of Posting Ethics Waivers and Obama ordered that waivers be shared with OGE

Fast Forward to Now. Republicans in President Donald Trump’s administration say OGE Shaub, whom is requesting the same lacks that authority. Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney want Shaub halt his inquiry into lobbyists-turned-Trump administration employees, insisting that there’s no need for them to publicly disclose any ethics waivers. Republicans so far have been silent on the Trump administration’s resistance to disclosure. Talk about Typical Swamp getting Swampier, Don’t Forget to Vote.

RE-STOCKING THE SWAMP. As part of Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington, he continued an Obama-era two-year prohibition of lobbyists and lawyers hired into the executive branch from working on “particular” government matters that involved their former clients. Instead Trump has Re-Stoke the Swamp with Lobbyists breaking another Campaign Trail Promise. So where is the House Oversight Chairman Investigator Trey Gowdy a Republican on all of this, well, unless it is a Democrat in question, he’s Not Interested, Hypocrites at their worse The Rich getting Richer, Don’t Forget to Vote.

Who needs SOCIAL SECURITY, SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY INSURANCE, MEDICAID or SNAP, oh! Do you? Trumps-Paul Ryan Plan…, GET RID OF IT, or DRASTICALLY SLASH IT’S BENEFITS! What he said in the Campaign Trail: It’s my absolute intention to leave Social Security the way it is,” a Broken promise for here is what Trumps budget does for you:

SLASH FEDERAL SPENDING on SOCIAL SAFETY-NET PROGRAMS by more than $1 Trillion over the next 10 years. Let’s break it down a bit so that you better understand this. More than 10 million Americans receive Social Security Disability Insurance. Monthly benefits average about $1,000. People become eligible for the program after working for years and or suffering a Debilitating Medical Condition or Injury. If disable, Good luck to you, Don’t Forget to Vote.

WILL CUT OVER $800 BILLION to MEDICAID, a Healthcare Program for the poor over a 10-year period which Trump also Promised Not to Cut on the Campaign Trail, insulting betrayal to voters who believed Trump’s promises. Just don’t get sick or, Don’t Forget to Vote.

NO SNAP FOR YOU! Cut More than $192 Billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Snap) the modern version of food stamps. If you rely on this important benefit to feed your kids or make ends meets, who cares about campaign pledges right? Don’t Forget to Vote.

Trump and his Minion Republicans have more than shown how Conniving, Hypocrites’, Gerrymanders, Liars, Cajolers, Coaxers, Deceivers, Alternate-Stretching of, and always Hiding the Truth, Manipulators they can be, underhandedly and Shamelessly Changing the Rules when they do Not Like the Results, not to improve your life but to line their pockets and enrich the Rich even more. What…, you don’t like that? Then, Don’t Forget to Vote the Bums Out on the 1018 Elections and beyond! Share, Comment, Blog Below!

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