Doomsday Clock1

It is not Unlikely! The Doomsday Clock is Ticking, Do You Know What Time it is?

We are Now closer to a Nuclear Exchange than most care to pay attention to due to Trump’s Reckless and irresponsible rhetoric exchanges and the way he is dealing with North Korea kim jong un and Korea’s Nuclear issue.

The CDC is fully aware of this thus reason why it posted info to get you into the framework of this reality, hope you have your Potassium Iodide Pills, Nuclear Fallout Shelter ready.

At the very least you should have a plan in place for you and your family in case of that eventuality.

Not that it may do you much good. But, who, in their right mind (not that many will have the ability to reason after a Nuclear Strike) may want to live on an apocalyptic environment, where fall-out radiation soon after a strike will claim and continue to claim ten of thousand, Million of lives as well as the physical appearance we all been accustomed to enjoy and yet, that would be the least of our problem.

The damage that will be unleashed on the Environment would be catastrophic. If the fall-out doesn’t kill you, the radiation after effects which should last for hundreds if not thousand of years and last but not least, hunger will.

Trump, the Republicans running the country, the Elite and their spawns most likely have already made provisions to survive in case the s..t hit the fan… You, me and the rest of the Population? We Are nothing but an afterthought on their Priority List! Share, Comment, Blog Below!


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