Swamp4Lies and Deceits to Kill Essential Health Care for the sake and no other reason than a Bias against it and who helped enact it have true Human Life and Death Consequences. Never mind that Republicans Health Care Bill contradicts one of Donald Trumps biggest Campaign Promises.  

And yet Republicans do not seems to care, they seem to live on an alternate universe, totally parallel to reality not understanding the tremendous impact that passing a bill creating millions of un-insured will have. Unless they had live a life on the shoes of those that are verily making it, living from pay check to pay check, they’ll never get it.

So it is Worth Nothing, Remembering well (come the 2018 Elections), all of those that Participated on such tragic Endeavor aiming at harming “Millions”, as well as the less fortunate, as many will die as the result of this law. Share, Comment, Blog Below!


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