House GOPs has passed the Worst Piece of Hurtful Legislation on the Middle Class and Poor ever. Remember their names (next upcoming elections), of all those that Voted for this Piece of Trash Legislation.

They worked Hard at making your Life, Prosperity, Future and that of your Family a Travesty/full of Hardships and just a “Dream”, in that order. While making the rich and Trump (whom will reap a cool 25 Million in Tax Breaks and over 1 Billion of Tax Inheritance for his Family, according to an analysis-NBC News commissioned of Trump’s 2005 tax return and his estimated net worth. It seems that Dreams come through when it come to swelling Trump and the Rich, pockets.

This 1.5 Trillion Bill, will hurt everyone Earning 75K or less, the poor trying to make ends meet and everything in between including Trump’s Base. remember that, come Next Elections! Share, Comment, Blog Below!


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