The Leak-er in the House!

Much has been made about Leaks and yet the most prolific Leak-er in the White House seems to escape scrutiny. You’ve got to ask yourself how is it that someone leaking highly sensitive info could and should be considered a Traitor and go to Prison if and when caught but when Trump does the same he gets a Free Pass?

Never Mind that Trump had leaked Highly Sensitive Classified Intelligence to of all people…The Russians. That he has done this in of all places “The Oval Office” the white House “Sacred Sanctum” where only the Most Trusted Leaders and Allies get to be invited to, on Highly Publicized Visits and with the Press present.

The fact that Trump held a close meeting with the Russians keeping the Press out while giving the Russian Press complete access to the Oval Office to conduct the Business of the people, under close doors, where no one, but only the Russians, Trump and his Minions knew what was discussed, should of had trigger an alarm with the most ardent Republican, but it didn’t.

To my recollection, the Russians have always been our adversaries, constantly trying to undermine, sabotage the US its Allies and Democratic way of life as well as their Policies.  Along with the Chinese, The Russians mind set is that of Expansionism and to·tal·i·tar·i·an·ism, They Do Not Fit the narrative or Profile of a Government that can ever be Trusted, Ever, unless their Political System and mind set goes through some drastic changes.

We have a President that is supposed to be looking out for our National Security and Interests yet continuously keeps handing the keys of our Security to Our Enemies, the Russians.

“As Trumps World Takes a Turns for the Worse” He’s “Giving” the Store Away! And when you thought you’ve heard everything, Trump does it again!

According to a Washington Post report Trump has revealed Highly Classified, Sensitive Information to the Russians while visiting the White House. Sensitive Classified Information regarding ISIS Threats involving Laptops on aircrafts to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador.

Information so Sensitive that even other Allies did not have access to it. Meeting took place the day after FBI Director James Comey was fired; a slap on the face to the Intelligence Community as it may have jeopardized Critical Intelligence Sharing Operations with our allies.

There are Strict Rules as to where and with whom Highly Sensitive information can be Disseminated, and it certainly does “not” include sharing it with an Adversary, to put it mildly, that means Russia! All of which make you wonder why did Trump only allowed a Russian News Agency in that meeting at the White House and Not any US News Agency, what was he trying to share with the Russians.

While the President can Declassify and make Information available as he sees fit without repercussions the same does not hold true for anyone else with the end result being prison. It also does not means that such exchange of Information can be provided Willy-Neely to and Adversary under closed doors away from the scrutiny of the Senate, the Press and the Public, if it can put our country at risk as such info can be used to the advantage of an Adversary.

When you consider all of Trumps Screw Up Actions thus far; the firing of Yates and then Comey to undermine and or slow the Russian Collusion Investigation and the possibility of a Cover-Up, giving the Russians a Heads-Up on Highly sensitive Intel is not what any person with an Ounce of Brain should be doing, but that’s only, if he had an Ounce of Brain!

The president and his entourage and White House National Security Adviser General McMaster kept dancing around the issue saying that Trump had nothing to hide that, Washington Post article was false, but they never denied whether Highly Classified Information has been share with the Russians, probably because affected allied would of had dispel any statement to the contrary exposing Trump and his Administration to even more scrutiny.

Allowing only a Russian News Agency and no US News Agencies to participate in that meeting with the Russians or any other meetings with the Russians for that matter sends the wrong signals.

But Key word here is, the “Russians”. Whom Trump and member of his family has shown to have a love affair as well as Business Interests with, a long time Adversary and the Biggest threat to (along with China, North Korea and Iran on that order) the US. That means you and me!

An allied, senior European intelligence official told The Associated Press that his country might stop sharing information, further Intel with the United States, for doing so “could be a risk for our sources.” With Trump at the reigns it is just a matter of time before we experience a Real Crisis. Share, Comment, Blog Below!


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