Swamp-Creature-CapitolTrump’s Manifesto.                                                                                                                               If we win on November 8th, we are going to Washington, D.C. – when we win, OK – and we are going to drain the swamp.” Translation: the entire corrupt Washington Establishment, (including the Perpetual outsize influence of lobbyists, political rewards for and to campaign donors and the outright corruption of countless interest groups).

Since winning the Election a lot more billionaires as well as those representing special interests’ groups and lobbyists with no government experience in their elected capacity have overflowed the Swamp. The Swamp, is now swampiest as a whole, more so than Trump promised.

Eleven of Trump’s previous 19 Cabinet and Cabinet-level appointments have sat on the boards of corporations or organizations that have lobbied the federal government, spending a total of $497.5 million.

Biggest group of former Lobbyists, nominated Officials or individuals that have Employed lobbyists, have sat on the Boards of Many Interest Groups and that have spent millions lobbying the federal government as well as Major donors to Republican candidates over the years.

With Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, giving more than $7.8 million and a total of $1.8 million to the Republican party and the Trump campaign. Hey, it is just Money, Right?

The Worst Kind of DC Insiders and Special Interest to ever set foot in The White House, and the Biggest one of them now sits right in the Oval Office; Donald Trump. Life is good for Donald.

Each time Trump holds a so call “work day” at his Mar a Lago Resort he is actually promoting and lobbying for the property and all he has to do is just use the excuse that he’s conducting official business there, (or on any of his other properties) putting millions in his and his family’s pockets, at the Tax Payer expense (that’s you and me buddy). Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

So much that now membership fees to this resort doubled its initiation fee to $200,000 from 100,000 following the election of Donald Trump as president. That’s $200,000, plus $14,000 a year in annual dues (not including tax). Have a few Hundred Thousand laying around? It will give you the chance to rub shoulders with Trump and into Trumps World, what a dream! Talk about conflict of Interest.

if you believe that Trump has fully divested himself of this or any other of his properties and other business interest to avoid conflict of interest, I ‘ve got a sucker for you, which color would you like?

Draining the Swamp, why? Come on in, Dark, Filthy Swamp water is Just Fine, Cha-ching! Share, Comment, Blog below. Tell us what you think!


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