For Many Years now Republicans have been catering to the Gun Lobby (NRA) while children keep massacring other children at our schools. 90% of The American People Overwhelmingly supports Bill Legislation for Background Checks as well as other measures meant to alleviate the issue of Gun Control.

But The SENATE time and again has been reluctant to say the least, “Failed” to pass Four Bills for Background Checks. SENATE REPUBLICANS have managed to DELAY, DELUTE, POSPONE or simply IGNORED any efforts to talk about Gun Control or advance the issue.

Ask yourself this question. How is it that the Law Strictly Prohibits an under-aged teenager from buying liquor, but makes it Legal for that same under-aged Teenager to buy any kind of Gun, and as Much Ammunition, as he can buy?

We are not talking about a toy or a video game here, but it Lethal, Serious Life Threatening piece of Life Ending Item that at the end of the day, in the wrong hands will have and has shown to contribute to the lost of many a Precious Life. There is something Shamefully Wrong with this system.

Talk about Gun Control is over. We need Real Legislation to address a serious Problem; anyone that Do Not sees the need for such is just as guilty of this (and God forbid), of any future Mass Shooting, as the one pulling the trigger, BLOOD, IS ON THEIR HANDS. Share, Comment, Blog-Post Below!

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