Executive Order

Dear Deplorable s, you’ve been Bamboozled!

Reads The Consummate Deal Maker, Hypocrite in Chief, Words of Wisdom?

  • He can’t put people into a room and they can’t agree to things and he just says well, you know what? In two years I’m gonna be playing Golf for the rest of my Life and I’m just gonna Sign these Executive Orders (The Daily Ledger-Audio).
  • The Executive Orders are an Outrage (April 18-2015).
  • Signing Executive Orders is Not the Way Our Country was supposed to be run (September 3-2015).
  • Using Executive Orders this is Not, a good thing, it is Not the way it was supposed to be.
  • Look at Obama. He doesn’t get anything done…. You’ve got to close the door and get things done without signing your executive orders all the time. That’s the easy way out (October-2015).
  • He doesn’t work the system. That is why he signs executive orders all the time because he can’t get his own people to go along (November-2015).
  • The problem with Washington, they don’t make deals. It’s all gridlock. And then you have a president that signs executive orders because he can’t get anything done. I’ll get everybody together (Fox News-January-2016).
  • I want to not use too many executive orders, folks. Executive orders sort of came about more recently. Nobody ever heard of an executive order Obama, because he couldn’t get anybody to agree with him, he starts signing them like they are, uh, Butter, so I want to do Away with Executive Orders for the Most Part. (March 29-2016).
  • We have a President that can’t lead so he sits down and he Signs an Executive Order (Audio-August 1-2016).
  • Trump griped. Right now, we have an executive-order president. He just keeps signing (September-2016).
  • It’s Not supposed to be like that and If I’m President, it won’t be like that.

The Alternate White House is giving High Marks to Trump’s Executive Orders: There’s a Lot of Executive Orders that I think the President’s been Pleased with (Sean Spicer-at Press Briefing).

We Put Out More Executive Orders than Any Previous Administration in the last 50 Years (Mick Mulvaney-Fox News). Overall you know, he has signed a Record Number of Executive Orders (Sean Spicer).

Despite Republicans Controlling Both Chambers of Congress, Trump did not Sign Any Major piece of Legislation in his First 100 days; he lambaste Obama use of executive action but has Signed 28 and possibly 32 by the end of his First 100 Days. It seems that the Sky has no limit when it comes to Republican Hypocrisy.

Trump emphasized that he was, the consummate deal maker, and wouldn’t need to rely on Executive Orders. He has turned out to be a complete Failure, a Fake, Not so good at keeping Promises. First he doesn’t, then, he does. He’s been taking a bath on Flip-Flapping ever since he first ran for President. Trump, needs to make up his mind as to what he wants to be when he grows up! Share, Comment, Blog Below!

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