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Trump…, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Is it too early to invoke the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution on Donald Trump 25th Amendment -Presidential “Disability” and Succession?

Are we entering a new paradigm when it comes to the President?

What are the odds that he would not put his foot so far down his throat that he will choke on it and get us in trouble abroad?

We all should be asking ourselves…, do to all his erratic, not very normal behavior thus far, is Trump “Mentally Stable” to run the office of the United State as president?

If you ever were to find yourself behaving erratically, lashing out at everyone each time someone does not agree with you, your sanity would’ve had been questioned. You would end up in Hot Water and most likely with a quick trip to the loony pen.

If you had been a high profile government official with the power to influence policies, the markets, the law and foreign policies with just a few irrational words and went into a rampant twitter tirade or any other kind of reckless behavior that could negatively impact or dangerously affect outcomes and world order both domestically and abroad, you surely would of had been scrutinized, investigated, put through the proverbial magnified glass as to your ability to perform your duties and in this case, the office of the presidency of the United State.

At the very least, common sense dictates that your peers would ask you to tread carefully on some issues, especially those that could create instability and irreparable damage.

Each time Trump opens his mouth to insult, disparage or blatantly disregards the norms of past previous decorum when addressing issues that affect us all, or those he does not agree with, the majority of elected Republican government officials seems to enter into a trance (they seems to think that if they stay still long enough, no one will notice them  and no questions will be asked), zombie like behavior (let’s follow the leader, even when the leader, is not much of a leader) or even worse, their silence is deafening (if we all keep quiet, things might just blow over), so much, you can cut it with a knife.

But I’ll take any of that to their ignorance and bigotry when defending Trump on his erratic behavior (all we have to do is spin whatever ignorant rant he throws out there, wait for the next tirade, do it all over again, and when that fails, reverse engineer the response, blame the opposition).

We should all be worry about Trump’s unorthodox erratic behavior, approach and responses to even the most irrelevant of subjects when someone criticizes him.

It does not show the ability to handle issues in a cohesive smart way let alone any leadership, his shooting from the hips, false accusations without proof, constant lying and stretching of the truth all lends itself to an air of constant criticism and conspiracy that does not exist but also, does incredible damage to him and his party credibility when addressing the issues. Any issue.

Soon enough Trumps’ behavior is going to alter the laws of common sense and land us in a crisis; it is not if, but when.

If all of the pending lawsuits against him (several yet to come to past to fruition), the “emoluments” act, constitutional rule that presidents may not accept cash and other benefits — (emoluments) — from foreign governments, the hundreds of conflict of interest lawsuits and perhaps hearings and investigations awaiting him at every turn because of his vast business interests all over the place which he refuses to completely sever ties with and put in a real “Blind Trust” (not the Mickey Mouse one that he established with his sons running them, trying to fool the public into believing that this does not make him accountable and exposed to litigation.

If World events (alienating our allies) surely to have a negative impact on his presidency, the countless interests group (and there are many), rising up in arms to oppose and fight for the many issues that he and Congress pledged to and are currently repealing affecting their lives does not have a substantial impact on Trump, his Paranoia will.

For even now he has shown to have a very unstable irrational Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality (he says one thing now and a bit latter claims he never said that even though he is on video or on record saying that which he said that he did not say, which he claims he did not say, pheeew… confusing, isn’t it?).

Trump seems extremely untouched with reality and thinks everybody is out to get him, everything said against him is Fake or Phony, his responses and state of mind base on what we seen so far is at the very least, questionable, and perhaps will land him under article 25th – Amendment to the United States Constitution – Perhaps not one minute too soon (Once the Democrats flip the House), Presidential Disability and Succession. Share, Comment, Blog below. Tell us what you think!

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